Chameleon Holidays & Travel - Safaris, Vacations, Holidays Car Hire and Accommodation in Southern Africa (Namibia - Botswana - Victoria Falls - South Africa & Uganda)

Come on holiday to Namibia or one of the surrounding countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, or Tanzania and here at Chameleon Holidays and Travel we can assist you.  Chameleon Holidays and Travel also offer holidays to Uganda and Tanzania.  When you holiday to Namibia you can enjoy a luxury safari, camping safari, accommodated safari or even a walking safari here in Africa.  Safari holidays are a perfect opportunity to tour Namibia and package holidays and deals are available.  Visit Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei and Swakopmund on your safari.  You can stay in a safari lodge or enjoy a camping safari.  Another way to tour Namibia is a self-drive, sometimes known as a fly drive holiday.

Enjoy a horse riding holiday.  There are several equestrian options available with local riding stables and companies offering horse riding safaris, horse riding lessons, though we suggest you bring your own equestrian or riding equipment such as riding boots and a riding hat. You can horse ride in Namibia, take a horse ride safari in Botswana as well as horse riding in Uganda.  Riding in Namibia or Botswana is a great safari as you are likely to see animals on horseback when you are riding and you may be lucky to see lion or elephant.  Luxury campsites, mobile campsites and accommodation is offered depending on the trip

When you holiday in Namibia you can tour the country by self drive or enjoy a guided, tailormade safari.  You can also join a scheduled safari, a camping safari, accommodated safari - or simply hire a car and stay in accommodation or a lodge or lodges as you self drive and travel Namibia or Botswana.  You can self drive through Botswana, to Zambia perhaps to Victoria Falls.  Victoria Falls are one of the highlights to any safari or tour.  The Victoria Falls is one of the seven Natural Wonders of The World.  Victoria Falls can be viewed from Zimbabwe or Zambia and flights can be made.  You can fly from Windhoek or Johannesberg or fly back.

Safari holidays are a perfect way to see Namibia and Africa travel.  When you travel to Africa you can visit Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Victoria Falls or further north to Uganda or Tanzania.

Family holidays and tours are a perfect way for a family trip to Namibia or family holiday to Botswana.  You can take a tour with the family holiday as a self drive or accommodated, even a camping safari or tour.  You can even have a luxury safari on your family holiday, though many people are happy with cheap holidays or all inclusive packagage holidays.  Holiday deals are available for safaris and tours.  Flights to Namibia, flights to South Africa, flights to Botswana, even flights to Uganda can be arranged.  Children are happy with safaris and tours, they love camping safaris and tours, though any African tour or African Safari is good for them. 

Namibia and Southern Africa are great honeymoon destinations.  Honeymooners can join a guided safari, selfdrive, hiking or camping safari.  Perhaps enjoy a hot air balloon trip in Sossusvlei.

Namibia, Botswana, South Africa are all very good countries for your safari to see game, animals such as elephant, lion, leopard, hyaena, wild dog, hippo as well as great for birding safaris.  Many birding enthusiasts visit to join a safari or tour - its a great adventure. 

There are many adventure activities for the adventure enthusiast to enjoy - activities in Namibia include hot air ballooning, sand boarding, scenic flights, quad biking, horse riding, sky diving, dolphin cruises and fishing.  There are numerous day trips into the desert from Windhoek or Swakopmund for the adventure traveller.  In Botswana you can enjoy elephant back riding safaris and horse riding safaris.  Zambia and Zimbabwe (where you can see Victoria Falls) offer bungee jumping, white water rafting, horse riding, boat cruises, safaris, lion safaris, and into Uganda there are horse riding safaris, white water rafting etc to keep the most active adventurer occupied.  Adventure travel and safari travel is really one of the best things about Africa and Southern African countries.

In respect to accommodation - there are many types of accommodation such as hotels, lodges, permanent tented accommodation; camp sites; to cater for those looking for a cheap holiday or a luxury safari.  Many package deals cater for all levels for cheap vactions and cheap flights to luxury trips and luxury safaris.  Hotels are mainly located in Windhoek and Swakopmund and the main towns as hotels tend to give way to lodges and other types of accommodation in the bush.

Many people enjoy walking holidays or walking safaris.  It's a safe country and the desert landscape of Namibia is stunning.  There are lots of options for walking safaris and trekking.  Trekking tours can be anything from 3 to 7 days long and you can hike Fish River Canyon, trek in the desert, climb Brandberg Mountain or combine any of the trips to a normal safari or tour style holiday trip particularly if you a on a self drive safari.  For those less adventurous there are many lodges that offer day hikes and walking trails on their land, some offer more cost effective campsites too.  Namibia is famed for its wide open spaces so hiking is a terrific way to enjoy the country.

We also offer package holidays to Botswana, Zambia and Namibia.  Though we don't often offer international flights, we can get these but we get discounted rates on regional flights.  Package deals and package holidays can include combined country destinations such as Namibia and Botswana or even with Victoria Falls or other areas of Zambia.  You can even start your package deal in South Africa - maybe Cape Town or Johannesberg and self drive through the other countries - Namibia, Botswana etc. 

Must see destinations in Namibia include Etosha and Sossusvlei though many add Fish River Canyon and Damaraland to the list.  As well as great cultural trips and meeting different culture groups and tribes such as Himba tribe people, and the Bushman tribe people you will meet in the Kalahari desert in Namibia and Botswana of Southern Africa.  There are many other cultures and tribes to encounter and many visitors enjoy the interaction with the local tribe people.

Game viewing in Botswana is a highlight - the Okavango Delta is home to many species, the Okavango Delta has permanent water ways and therefore animals come to the Okavango Delta as there is plenty of food and water.  Of course, there are many people in the Okavango Delta too, though not in Moremi Game Reserve as this is a private game reserve.  Many accommodation places such as the lodges and tented camps fly you between the camps and lodges as chartered flights.  Flying is not a cheap option but the most reliable way to tour through the Okavango Delta particularly in wet season.  Cheap flights and cheap package tours are more often available during the green season or wet season when cheap flights and cheap package tours encourage visitors on safari and tours to Botswana.  Whenever you decide to take your holiday or safari it is always a good time to visit, whether you are seeing more numbers of game in dry season or the greenness of the landscape in wet season your holiday will be a holiday to remember.  Many holiday visitors to Botswana stay in luxury camps for a luxury safari but Botswana is not a cheap holiday.  In fact safari holidays are becoming more expensive even if you self drive or take a scheduled safari, camping safari or fly in safari.  Fly in safaris are available in Namibia and Botswana and for those with limited time available its a great way to keep travelling times down and enjoy flying and viewing the countries by air.  Many flights are in smaller planes and are chartered flights to work with arrival of international flights and the departure of international flights.  Many lodges will have their own airstrips so there is minimum travel time between lodges and camps whether its a camping safari or luxury safari.  Safari holidays are a popular way to explore Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.  Chobe National Park is one of the most visited areas of Botswana, there is a large selection of hotels, accommodation establishments such as lodges and safari lodges inside and outside the park, there are also a few campsites around for the more cost conscious traveller and holiday maker. Chobe attracts huge numbers of game such as elephant, lion, as well as leopard, hippo, buffalo etc.  Birding is also popular as there are many species of birds

For a family holiday then Namibia is a perfect destination.  Easy for self drive clients, terrific for fly in safaris, guided safaris, personalised safaris, or a scheduled camping or scheduled accommodated safari or trip.  Holidays are meant to be relaxing for all, not just the kids so many family safaris are designed to allow for relaxation, some adventure, maybe some trekking but mainly for all to return from their holiday with great memories whether it was an all inclusive holiday, package deal or we assisted you with the safari only as well as accommodation at the start and end of the trip

Alternatively we are chameleon holidays and travel can offer various volunteering programmes in namibia such as an elephant research project, other volunteer work includes a land clearance project and animal release programme and animal welfare programme.  There are options for working holidays but volunteering is becoming a more popular option as part of a longer holiday package.  Conservation work with endangered species of animals such as cheetah, wild dog, black rhino are offered as well capture and release conservation programmes.  Sustainable development within communities is included in many of these programmes to ensure that the local communities benefit from the conservations of such species.  Many people like volunteer work as they feel they are giving something back to both wild animals and local communities.  Volunteering is available mainly in Namibia though there are other programmes on offer in South Africa that Chameleon can offer.

At chameleon we take responsible tourism seriously, we utilise many locally run companies - we are one in fact, employing Namibian staff, using local suppliers and supporting programmes to help local communities